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  • Who said becoming a Registered JUG was easy?

    Who said becoming a Registered JUG was easy? WE DID!

    New, Easier Application Process for Joomla User Groups

    The JUG team is proud to present a new and improved system for JUG applications.  After a short interim period using a temporary relief system,  the entire process was restructured from the ground up to provide a more streamlined approach to all areas of the process. 

    The requirements and guidelines have been changed as well to allow more Registered JUGs worldwide.  If you'd like to register a JUG, please visit the FAQ on how to get started.  

    Many JUG applications that were previously rejected or held up, have now been approved and listed in the new directory.  Please check your location to ensure your JUG is included.  If not, please reapply through our new application process.

    New Directory and Map For All Joomla User Groups

    We've created directory and map for all Joomla User Groups. By using Moset's Tree and Moxie Maps the directory listings are now plotted on a worldwide map which allows for easy and powerful searches. Click here to see the new map and directory.

    Each approved JUG has a login and is now able to login to their listing and make changes.  Submitted changes will go into the queue and will be approved in a timely manner.  We ask that all JUG Owners please login and update your details as soon as possible.

    New Team Members

    The JUG team has also grown and now includes Wlima Howell, Cristina Solana, Himanshu Nagpal, Roger Perren as well as Sandra Warren and Javier Gomez.

    Your Feedback is Welcome

    Thank you for your patience through this process!  We invite you to submit feedback to this new process and system at the People.Joomla.Org group and if you need assistance please email us at jugs@community.joomla.org

  • Production Leadership Team Summit 2010

    The Production Leadership Team (PLT) is the group of people that is responsible for keeping the machinery that produces the Joomla software maintained and in good working order.  The PLT aims to meet in person once or twice a year.  The last development related summit was held in Australia in January of 2009 and this meeting was pivotal for bringing in necessary changes to the organisational and communication structure of the Joomla production system, lowering the barriers to entry for contribution significantly.

    The next PLT Summit will be held around the Joomla Day West in San Jose in October this year.  Prime focus will be given to establishing the policy and process we need to revise in order to make Joomla 1.7, and all future versions, happen in a more timely and efficient manner, and allow for innovation to be incorporated at a pace that keeps up with the dynamic flow of the part of the internet in which we reside. To help us plan for this summit, we'd like your suggestions for what you think might be important for us to talk about.  We only have two or three days together so we can't cover everything, but we'd like to know what's on your mind all the same whether you are a user, a developer, a designer or a site administrator.  If you have a suggestion, please post them using this form.

    Finally, we must thanks the sponsors for this event which have offset the major costs that would otherwise have been bourn by PLT members personally.  Thanks go to eBay, Microsoft and Kontent Design for allowing us to make this event possible.

  • Open Source Matters appoints Acting Treasurer

    In an effort to maintain the Board's effectiveness during its search for a new Treasurer, the Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM), on the 10th of August 2010, appointed Steve Burge as Acting Treasurer of the organization, for a period ending no later than November 1, 2010 or until a new Treasurer has been elected, appointed or qualified, whichever comes first.

    The Acting Treasurer shall have all the abilities and privileges of the Treasurer, but is only expected to provide his services in a limited role during this interim period.

    The OSM board wishes to express thanks to Steve for assisting in this important role.

  • Joomla! Community Workgroup Report - July 2010

    In May, Brad Baker started this blog series with a roundup of informative reports submitted from each CWG team on the Community Workgroup Google Group

    Today we continue the series with a round up the team reports from July and I also encourage you to check out the June reports, if you have not already had the chance to do so.

    Carry on reading for some incredible news and stats from the hard working teams within the CWG.

  • Joomla User Group Submission Backlog

    The Community Leadership Team has created a relief system for the backlog of Joomla User Group (JUG) submissions and correspondence. We would like your help to make this work though.

    As of right now, if you are on the waiting list of people who have not heard back about a JUG submission, We have a new form that we ask you to fill out at your earliest convenience.

    Resubmit your application using  JUG Submission Form

    We know you are tired of forms!  So are we.  For now though this is only a stop gap solution while we work on something more permanent and efficient for all.  We feel this new form can be processed on our end much faster than the current system.

    We would appreciate any feedback you have to offer in the JUGs People.Joomla group.

    Thank you for your patience! Joomla User Groups make up a valuable component of our community. We appreciate your continued efforts and we look forward to working with you as we resolve this issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

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